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 Here are some of the current peerings established at AMPATH, all of these networks are either directly connected or connected via L2 to the AMPATH Exchange point. 

  • Internet2's Abilene Network
  • Florida Lambda Rail ( FLR )
  • National Lambda Rail ( NLR )
  • Energy Sciences Network ( ESNet )
  • redCLARA
  • NAP of the Americas Peering Net
  • Ultralight
  • Telecom Italia/Sparkle - Commodity
  • Level3 - Commodity
  • Cogent Co. - Commodity
  • Others such as: Google, Verisign, Akamai, Limelight Networks..

Additionally AMPATH peering relationships with various other networks through the NAP of the America's Peering VLAN. A complete list of available networks can be accessed at Terremark's Peering List.

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